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Naturally straight hair is effortlessly gorgeous,
says Collins, and doesn’t require a
lot of fuss to look good.

Try Out the Trend

This season’s hottest hair trend has celeb
A-listers and fashion’s favorite IT-girls ditching
their normal hues for all sorts of vibrant.

Healthy Hair Report

Summer is here and this season,
the hottest accessory you can rock is a head of
healthy, gorgeous hair.

Hair Trend Report

Summer is here and this season,
the hottest accessory you can rock is a head of
healthy, gorgeous hair.

Great Tips From A Beauty Salon Wheat Ridge For Properly Blow-Drying Hair

Most people are laidback about blow-drying their hair. They simply just blow-dry right after washing it and they keep at it until their hair is stark-dry. You’d be surprised, however, to know how damaging that is to your beautiful locks!

Blow-drying is a simple task you probably do every day, so here are some tips from a beauty salon (Wheat Ridge) on how to do it the right way!

General Tips:

  • Don’t blow-dry your hair when it’s too wet. It’s good to towel-dry your hair sufficiently before picking up the blow-dryer.
  • If you want healthy hair, always use heat protectant, no matter your hair length or hair type!
  • It helps to part your hair into sections (clipping up the sections you’re not tending to) and blow-dry those sections individually. After blow-drying one section, put down the brush and blow-dryer for a little while before going onto the next section. This helps your hair to ‘set’ so it stays looking gorgeously blow-dried.
  • Don’t get the blow-dryer too close! Make sure to keep it at least 8 inches away from your hair.
  • If you’re in a rush (like we all are in the morning) you can speed up the process by using a higher air stream setting, but don’t use a higher setting for heat.
  • Use the nozzle, as it helps to get the heat concentrated on the cuticle which results in a smooth look.

A Few Extra Tips From A Beauty Salon (Wheat Ridge)

  1. For Short Hair
  • Clip up the top section of your hair and blow-dry from the back, sweeping your hair forward with a flat brush. Do the same on the sides.
  • When doing the front, blow-dry your bangs first, brushing them to one side. Afterwards blow-dry the top section, working back toward your crown until the entire section is dry.
  1. For Long Hair
  • Put a bit of smoothing serum on the ends of your slightly damp hair as a prep for drying.
  • Wind small sections of your hair around your round (preferably ceramic) brush starting at the ends and going up to the scalp. Blow-dry your hair until dry and do the same for the other sections.
  • Once you’ve finished with each section, flip your head over and mist a texturizing spray onto the underside of your hair. Afterwards, massage your roots and flip back up.


Bear these wonderful tips in mind each time you blow dry your hair. When done properly, blow-drying actually helps your hair to remain healthy, shiny, beautiful and strong. To give your hair a little extra loving care, stop by a professional beauty salon Wheat Ridge has quite a few you can check out!

The Best Hair Stylist Arvada Offers You Tips To Handle Your Bushy Eyebrows


Fashion trends come and go, but what never really goes out of style is looking well groomed.  Bushy eyebrows are notorious for giving you an unkempt appearance that can take away from the impression you want to have on others. Let the best hair stylist Arvada has help you groom those bushy brows and become a more confident and radiant you.

It’s In Your Genes

People are genetically predisposed to having either bushy or thin brows just as they their genes determine whether they will be tall or short. Apart from the degree of fullness of your brow, its shape is also genetic. Whether the arch is soft or sharp and the placement of the arch over your eye are also natural features of your eyebrows.

The type of brows you have naturally match your face and serve important functions such as

  • helping to bring balance to your facial features
  • making your face more expressive
  • keeping sweat and dust out of your eyes

If you have bushy eyebrows there are definite downsides to thinning them out too much or making drastic changes to their shape. You might find that the result eyebrows that

  • are arched too high and hence look angular
  • begin and end in in the wrong place over you eye
  • do not frame your eyes in a flattering way
  • make you look older
  • give you an old-fashion appearance

Ways The Best Hair Stylist (Arvada) Can Help You Tame Your Brows

Options will include trimming, shaving, plucking and waxing your eyebrows. Discuss each with the stylist to see which will work best for you.

Trimming – Taking a bit off the length of their brow is sufficient for some people to be satisfied with the result.

Shaving – If you need a neater look, then shaving is a better option. Once the desired shape of your brow has been outlined, the few hairs that fall outside of the border can easily be shaved off.

Plucking – Just pulling out those couple of stragglers that are causing your brows to look untidy is quite easy if you don’t mind the initial sensation of pain.

Waxing – This is perfect for removing very fine hair or large patches of hair as with a uni-brow.


Deciding just what to do with your bushy brows is a big decision and it’s quite okay to take your time and ask the stylist for advice. Let them know what you have in mind and hear what suggestions they have. Asking the right questions and choosing the best hair stylist Arvada has will help to ensure that there is no misunderstanding. That way, you are more likely to end up with brows you love and can live with – at least until they grow out again!


Best Hair Styling And Nail Care Tips


A visit the most popular beauty salons will definitely see you leaving with the very best hair styling results, but what about your nails? The professionals at a salon can take care of them too! What’s more, they are a great source of DIY advice and tips on at home nail care.

Step-By-Step On How To Do A Shellac Manicure At Home

What You Need:

If you’re doing your own Shellac nails you’re going to need

  • Nail file
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Shellac Base Coat
  • Shellac Color
  • Shellac Top Coat
  • UV or LED nail lamp
  • Alcohol wipes

If you are short on the equipment – don’t worry just pop into a salon and get your Shellac manicure done professionally. While you’re at it why not opt to have your hair done as well. You’re sure to get the very best hair styling results in the process.

Step 1 – Prepping Your Nails

File your nails into the shape you want, making sure there are no rough edges and push the cuticle back gently. Once you’ve done this, clean your nails to remove any residual dust.

Step 2 – Applying and Curing the Base Coat

Apply the base coat thinly in even strokes, going all the way to the tip of the nail but leaving a small margin of 1mm or 2mm between the polish and your skin.

Cure the base coat under your UV/LED nail lamp for around 30 seconds.  After curing there will be a sticky residue but it shouldn’t be removed at this stage.

Step 3 – Applying and Curing the Color

There are a plethora of color and nail art options when it comes to Shellac but, regardless, you still stick to the general rule of applying the polish thinly and leaving a boundary between the polish and the skin. The curing time for Shellac Color is usually 2 minutes and proper curing is essential to make sure your manicure is long-lasting and durable.

Apply and cure a second coat of color.

Step 4 – Applying and Curing the Top Coat

Using thin even strokes, apply the top coat, staying within the nail-skin margin and going straight to the tip of the nail. For the final time, cure your nails under your nail lamp. The general time is once again 2 minutes.

Step 5 – Finishing Up

Gently wipe your nails with an alcohol wipe to remove any sticky residue left behind after curing. And voila, your Shellac manicure is done!

Conclusion – Best Hair Styling and Nail Care Done Professional

These are the same Shellac manicure steps a nail technician would take with great precision and no effort on your part! All you have to do is relax in the comfort of the salon. So consider dropping by a fantastic salon to get a professional Shellac manicure for your nails and an awesome hair style to match.

3 Best Reasons To Make That Hair Salon (Arvada) Appointment

Are you the type that has it all under control when it comes to taking care of and styling your hair? While hair independence is a great thing, taking advantage of the many benefits and extras a hair salon (Arvada) has to offer is a smart idea. Those of us with very limited skills in the hair and beauty department know this very well.

So, if you are a blow dryer and do-it-yourself facial mask goddess, this message is for you.

The Perks Of A Hair Salon (Arvada) Visit

1. The ambiance – Just stepping into the professional and efficient atmosphere of a chic hair salon is good reason enough to schedule that appointment. The staff is there to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and, of course, beautiful. They work at it from the moment you step through their door to the point when you leave. It’s their job that they have trained to do and they enjoy it.

You may find, in fact, that at the top hair salon (Arvada), the unique attention begins from the scheduling of your appointment and extends to tips and suggestion to keep your style looking great after you leave. Exceptional customer services help to drive their business, so the best hair salons will pull out all the stops to ensure your experience with them is satisfyingly and memorable. They want to keep you coming back for more.

2. Up-To-Date Services – Beauty and style are dynamic. They change almost daily, making it quite a tough task to keep your look current. No worries, stylists are tuned in to the newest trends and developments in their industry.

Drop by a hair salon (Arvada) to get the freshest styles and take advantage of the latest beauty secrets. You can trust that they have already heard about new techniques and products before you saw them in your favorite television show or magazine.

3. Refined Skills – Making you look good is what they’re all about. There is no need to run the risk of damaging your hair with at-home efforts Whether you go in for a just a cut or a shampoo, you can be sure you are going to leave looking like you stepped out of a glossy fashion magazine.

They have honed their skills and invested in quality products to give you the look and feel of being pampered. What’s more, you can rest assured that your new “do” will last much longer.

A hair salon Arvada offers you the peace of mind of getting expert services dedicated to making you look your best. Make that appointment today and take advantage of a professional styling experience and remarkable customer service.

The Best Hair Salon Arvada Has Explains – Everything You Need to Know About Shellac Nails


Shellac manicures are one of the hottest trends in the realm of nails, and for good reason. Not too sure what Shellac is and why everyone is talking about it? Here’s an explanation from experts at a hair salon (Arvada).

What are Shellac Nails?

Shellac was created by Creative Nail Design (CND) and is a blend of gel polish and regular nail polish. Shellac is applied thinly like regular nail polish but after being cured under UV light it becomes durable, flexible and has a shine akin to gel nails. Shellac nails usually last for two whole weeks (or longer!) without chipping or fading.

The Highlights And Downsides Of Shellac From A Hair Salon (Arvada) Expert


The whole plethora of benefits of Shellac manicures is almost unbelievable!

  • As mentioned earlier, the amazing durability of Shellac nails mean that they can make it through dishwashing, gardening and other tasks that usually take a toll on manicures, without any damage!
  • Your nails will have a mirror-smooth finish that doesn’t fade at all.
  • Unlike regular manicures in which you have to wait ages for nail polish to dry, Shellac is cured by UV light in matter of minutes
  • You don’t have to revisit the nail salon every week because Shellac nails tend to last for at least 14 days.
  • The techniques used to apply Shellac are much more gentle on your nails than those used to apply fake nails
  • The removal technique of soaking your nails in acetone doesn’t leave your nails thin, brittle or torn


However, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine in the meadow of Shellac.

  • Shellac manicures can be a bit on the pricey side (though this isn’t that big of a let-down considering the duration of which they last)
  • You can’t get Shellac if your nails are weak or prone to cracking and peeling, or if your nail beds are damaged
  • Shellac can’t be used to lengthen or strengthen nails
  • Exposure to UV rays can cause a risk of cancer and even though the amount of UV rays emitted during the curing process is significantly low some people prefer to not take the chance. The UV exposure can also cause your hand to age faster or develop age spots (though applying sunscreen can usually prevent this from happening)


There’s a whole lot more to Shellac, so pay a visit to a professional at a hair salon Arvada has many to choose from. Learn more about Shellac, find out if it’s a good option for you and get your nails done by a real Shellac expert.

The Best Hair Stylist Arvada Has Offers You Some Tips On Nail Care

Isn’t there something powerful about looking good from head to toe? We all enjoy the boosted self-confidence that comes from taking care of our skin and ensuring our hair is at its healthiest. We seek help from professionals like the best hair stylist Arvada has to offer. Our nails, however, often get pushed to the back burner. The result is unhealthy nails that look far from their best.

Here are some tips for getting strong, healthy nails that you will be super proud to show off.

Nail Care Tips

  • Leave your cuticles alone – No cutting or pushing them back. Your cuticles are a natural protection against bacteria and fungi which can lead to infection, swelling and redness.
  • Avoid nail hardeners when possible – Healthy nails are naturally flexible. If you apply anything to them to make them more brittle, they may be more prone to breaking. Your nail care professional will know when nail hardeners are necessary, just as the very best hair stylist Arvada has, would know when your hair needs extra treatments or conditioning.
  • Moisturize your nails – Apply a little oil to your cuticles and nail bed to relieve dryness and brittleness, especially if your nails tend to break. The added moisture will also help to prevent chipping, splitting and cracking.
  • Add biotin to your diet – Foods rich in this nutrient will help to improve the thickness of your nail and decrease the chances of splitting and breaking occurring. To get more biotin in your diet look for good sources such as egg yolk, milk, nuts and chocolate. There is also the option of taking a supplement that contains biotin if you are not sure you are getting enough in your diet.
  • Consider your shampoo – Shampoos that are formulated for oily hair may be stripping oils from your nails as well as your scalp, leaving your nails dry and brittle. Protect your nails with a pair of gloves as you shampoo, or pop into the hair salon and have the best hair stylist (Arvada or elsewhere) pamper your hair for you.
  • Look for warning signs – The state of your nails may be used as an indicator of underlying health problems. If you see any of following changes in your nails it might be wise to consult with your doctor: white nails indicate a liver condition; half pink/half white nails suggest kidney disease; slow growing yellow and thick nail could mean lung disease; and pale nail beds indicate anemia.


So, that next trip to the hair salon should not only be to take advantage of the best hair stylist (Arvada), it can also be to get some professional help and advice for taking care of your nail. And don’t forget, these tips are not just for fingernails, they apply to your toenails too!

The Best Hair Stylist Arvada Has Offers You – Tips To Keep Your Blonde-Dyed Hair From Fading


Now that you’re blonde you’re probably going to want to keep your beautiful color bright and vibrant, right? If you keep the color brilliant and glowing then styling your hair will be a breeze. The best hair stylist (Arvada) gives you some great tips on how to keep your beautiful blonde from fading.

  1. Choose Good Shampoos and Conditioners

When you have dyed hair, it’s good to invest in color-safe shampoos and conditioners that counter fading. You may also choose to use a formula made specifically for blonde hair, as these contain a bit of color to rejuvenate your color it if starts to fade.

  1. Wash Less Often and Rinse With Cool Water

As necessary as it is, washing will always cause your hair color to fade, so you should refrain from washing your hair often. In this case, the best hair stylist (Arvada or elsewhere) suggests that dry shampoo is your best friend. It is especially helpful if you apply some to your hair before bed and let it soak overnight.

  1. Dryness and Brittleness

It’s only natural for hair to become dryer once the color has been lifted. Using sulfate-free shampoos, as well as conditioning frequently, can help counter dryness. A trick to make your hair softer if you realize it feels more brittle than before dyeing is to use an after-sun hair mask.

  1. Battling Brassiness

If your hair starts to go brassy, use a shampoo with a purple or violet toner in place of your usual color-safe one. This will get rid of the brassiness and brighten your color. You can also opt for a rich-gloss treatment made specifically for reducing brassiness. The best hair stylist Arvada has to offer can give you some great tips on the products to choose.

  1. Protect From Sun and Heat

As with most dyed hair, UV rays can cause your blonde hair to fade quickly and to become brassy. Solution: cover your hair with a hat or scarf, or use a UV spray.

Another tip that generally applies to most cases of dyed hair is to use a heat protector before using a hair dryer or styling tools such as a curling iron or flat iron.

  1. Ketchup and Beer?

Take a swim in the pool and you might end up with a green tint to your blonde hair. Clarifying shampoo and a red-based toner can fix you up, but you can also use tomato ketchup! Leave a ketchup mask on for about 20 minutes and you’re back to blonde.

Bet you never thought beer could brighten your color, did you? Make a mask of beer and lemon juice, apply it to your hair, stay in the sun for a bit and voila! A brighter blonde!


The best hair stylist (Arvada) encourages you to enjoy your new color and use these tips to keep it true.

Best Hair Styling Tips For Washing Dark-Dyed Hair


It’s a must to wash your hair, whether it’s dyed or not, but dyed hair requires special precautions when washing to keep it looking its best. Hair styling is much easier when hair is kept healthy and beautiful, so here are some tips for how to preserve your dark-dyed hair when washing.

Tip 1 – 3 Days of No Washing

Don’t wash your hair for 3 days after dyeing it. Dyeing opens up the cuticle layer of the hair, where the dye settles. Before you wash your hair, the cuticle layer needs to have closed completely so as to make sure your color stays and gives the best hair styling results.

As the cuticle layers close, however, the color will bleed to some extent, It’s perfectly natural. For the first few days, dark clothing and dark pillow cases are your best friends.

Tip 2 – Color-Safe Products

When washing your hair use shampoos and conditioners that are color-safe. These are usually easy to find nowadays. They preserve the color by helping to seal your hair cuticles. You should not use clarifying shampoos as these can actually accelerate the fading of your hair. There are some products that have very small amounts of dye in them that do a bit of recoloring whenever they are used.

The only time you might want to use a clarifying shampoo is the day before re-dyeing your hair. Some stylists recommend this, as it strips the old dye to make way for the new dye. This ensures your new color looks its best Hair styling produces much better results when this is done..

Tip 3 – Cold Water

When washing, rinse your hair with cold water (or lukewarm water if you can’t handle it cold). Hot water opens up the cuticle layers, letting dye escape, which you definitely don’t want. Also, don’t rinse your hair any more than necessary, because having water continuously running through your hair can also slowly strip dye.

Tip 4 – Dry Gently

Gently blot your hair dry, and try to let it air dry as much as possible. Your cuticle layers are already somewhat open from the shower, and towel-drying can scrape even more dye out of the cuticle layer.

One Final Tip For Best Hair Styling Results – Less Frequent Washing

Remember, shampoo causes hair to swell, making it easier for color to fade. Because of this, you should avoid washing your hair too often. If you need to wash your hair frequently (for example, if you have an oily hair type), use color-safe dry shampoo.


Enjoy your hair – no matter the color you choose to express your sense of style. Keep these tips in mind and always consult a professional stylist or other hair care professional for extra advice.

Men’s Hair Grooming Tips From The Best Hair Stylist Arvada


Do you like to experiment with your hair or just let it do its thing? Whatever your style, getting some valuable tips on how to groom your hair will keep it looking its best. Checking in with the best hair stylist Arvada has to offer, is a sure way to find out about the simplest ways to take good care of your hair.

Tips From The Best Hair Stylist (Arvada)

  1. Blow dry in moderation. While the blow dryer will quickly dry your hair, be mindful that it can easily damage it too. Avoid blow-drying every day, choosing to air-dry instead. Dry in the direction the hair grows to get it to lie flat and in the opposite direction to give it volume.
  2. Use gel or pomade sparingly.Gels and pomades give hair a well-ordered look. For best results, just apply a dime-sized amount to wet hair, since too much of these products will leave your hair looking greasy.

The best hair stylist Arvada or elsewhere would advise you to bear these points in mind when selecting a gel or pomade:

  • Gels are easier to work through hair, being generally lighter than pomades and creams.
  • Buy a gel labelled “alcohol free”, as alcohol is very drying for hair.
  • Curly hair will style better with pomades and creams but they are a bit more difficult to rinse out, so use just a little bit.
  1. Put your comb to work.A comb is ideal for distributing gel, pomade or cream evenly through your hair. Try to comb your hair in the direction it grows – down for hair at the back and sides; and forward for hair at the top. If you decide to put a part in the front of your hair (either side is up to you) then sweep longer hair at the front away from the part.
  • Curly or kinky hair styles best with a wide-tooth comb which is perfect for detangling. Fine-toothed combs will tend to make curly and kinky hair frizzy. Of course, you could choose to just not comb it at all and style with your fingers.
  • Longer hair will also need a wide-toothed comb as brushing tends to cause longer hair to break.
  1. Occasionally, use a professional stylist.To give your hair a more refined look and to make it easier for you to handle on your own, regular visits to a stylist are a must. The frequency will depend on you and how quickly your hair grows out of the length that suits you.


For more great tips and perhaps a little professional help at getting your hair looking great, why not visit a salon? You are sure to get good advice from the best hair stylist. Arvada has quite a few to choose from, so make an appointment today and enjoy hair that leaves you looking fresh, well-styled and confident.

Keeping Red Hair Color Vibrant – Tips From Hair Salon (Arvada) Specialists


Having your hair color fade not too long after dyeing is discouraging to say the least. What you don’t know is that it’s actually very easy to keep your hair a lovely red. Here are some great tips from a hair salon (Arvada) expert to help you keep and care your brilliant color.

Step 1 – Quality Dye

The aluminum found in department store dyes hinders proper holding of the color. Red is especially difficult to maintain, so it’s also advantageous to have your hair dyed by a professional at a hair salon (Arvada).

Another thing to keep in mind is your eyebrows. You don’t want your eyebrows a completely different color from your hair. If the color of your hair is going to be three shades redder than your natural color, then be sure to lighten your eyebrows a bit.

Step 2 – Careful Washing

Let your hair stay unwashed for 48 hours after it has been dyed. If this proves difficult for you, it helps to cover your hair with a shower cap or, if absolutely necessary, use baby wipes on your hair.

Use color-safe shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair. It also helps if the products are sulfate-free and you wash your hair in cold water. If a cold shower is too much, you can simply wash your hair separately in a sink or tub, or rinse with cold water after shampooing and conditioning.

The professionals you find at a hair salon Arvada also remind you that you shouldn’t wash your colored hair every day, but rather every other day. If you’re really dedicated to keeping your color, once every three or four days is quite fine.

There are very good color conditioners you can use once a week to help keep your locks’ color. These may stain your hands, so be careful using them.

Make sure your hair is clean and get a considerable amount of conditioner in it. Let it stay for anywhere between 20 and 60 minutes (more time equals better color) before washing it out and you’re done!

Step 3 – Preserving Color – Suggestions From A Hair Salon (Arvada) Stylist

To preserve your hair color as much as possible

  • use a thermal protectant when you blow dry, straighten or curl your hair
  • try to stay out of the sun as much as possible as it fades your hair color
  • use a UV-protectant mask or spray if you need to be in the sun for lengthy periods
  • use color-depositing glazes or shampoos to rejuvenate your hair color


You can keep loving your new color longer just by following these simple steps. If you are in doubt or just need some expert advice, why not pop into your favorite hair salon (Arvada)? They’ll be glad to help!